Lance Walker

With over 20 years of performance training experience spanning all levels of competition across 31 different sport disciplines, Lance is currently the Global Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance. Based in McKinney Texas, he directs global operations for the company in the USA, as well as locations in China and England. He is also responsible for ensuring product development and implementation for MJP licensed facilities, the first of which being SPIRE Academy in Ohio, which opened in 2010. Prior to coming to MJP in 2007, he served as Director of Performance Training at Integrated Athletic Development responsible for the training and/or physical rehabilitation needs of over 150 active professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, CBA, and CFL.

Combining his sports medicine and the rehab sciences background with over 20 years of performance training experience, Lance specializes in the return-to-sport phases of rehabilitation, preventative training prescription, and spine stabilization progressions. He currently works closely with the Dallas Stars and FC Dallas in seasonal player evaluations and corrective exercise prescriptions and lectures internationally on topics such as spine safety in strength training, biomechanics of human performance, and youth training systems for long-term athletic development.